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Don't Let Your Dreams Be Dreams

Cupcake Wars!

Last Friday was Cupcake wars and if you weren’t there then you really missed out. Morrow Hall represented fabulously at Dobson and came away with a first place in the Harry Potter theme. This week there will not be an FNC but instead April Break!!! I hope to see you all at the next FNC and have a great week.

Ten Tips for Boosting Brian Power

With this bulletin board, one will know the Ten Tips to help increase brain power activity. These tips not only lead to better brain activity but also healthier habits overall. I hope you take a minute or two to read this board and get a better understanding of what can help you in an everyday situation of feeling drained.

Board Game Night

Thank you to everyone who showed up for Board Game Night sponsored by Cameron and I. There was ping-pong, munchkin, and a 4 hour game of RISK. Overall a great night for everyone. As always, if you want a specific event let me know and I’ll do my best to get it done.

Mini-Golf & Happy Gilmore

Thank you to Colten, Skyler, and Garrett for coming out to play some mini-golf with the rest of the wings around Morrow Hall. We not only won the competition completely (we actually don’t know who won but we dibs the win), but we got to enjoy making a mess of the 4th floor lounge by making a really elaborate golf course out of it.

Game Show FNC

Thanks to all of those who showed up for the Porter Hall Friday Night Club! The evening was filled with “Good answer”s and plenty of questions that made you wonder if you actually knew your Newly Wed. The next FNC is Trivia Night hosted by Rountree Commons. I hope to see you thee!

Mad Max

Thank you to Dylan, Colten, Garrett and John for coming to the Mad Max event last Saturday. This was an eye-opening movie for many, even if they had watched it previously. The premise of this event was to start discussion of feminism. This film was not advertised as a such but that is so their target market of men would come and watch. If you ever want to strike a better conversation on the topic I’ll always be willing to do so.

Flannel Flapjacks

Not only did 4 East represent themselves well at last weeks FNC but they had a blast at Flannel Flapjacks. I’m glad to have seen you all there and I hope you come to many more FNCs in the future.

Get Outside!

While we had the perfect weather, Sam and I took out a few residents last Friday to play catch. Thank you to Dylan, Colten and Kody for coming out and enjoying the beautiful weather together.

Monti Washington

Last Sunday Monti Washington visited the campus to discuss his methods of getting motivated. His message was getting people out of their streets of fear onto the stage of their dreams. His main method was understanding that anyone has the ability of being “the shit.” No matter how hard life can be on someone, his method is to believe that he, and everyone else, is the shit.

Another greatly appreciated section of his talk was about how to get rid of negative people in your life. He made everyone take out their phones and look at their contacts. The goal of this was to help people find the negative people in their life, mainly the “fakers” and the “takers.” Anyone who has back-stabbed you or even just acknowledged you when they needed something were not worth your time.By keeping them around they feed you with bad energy. So overall, he helped us delete the bad contacts of our life to further progress in your goals.


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