Morrow Hall 4 East

Don't Let Your Dreams Be Dreams

Flannel Flapjack Friday

With over three quarters of the wing turning up, 4E ate plenty of flapjacks at the first FNC!


Free Icecream

Who doesn’t like free frozen dessert? It was a great icecream box social in which we talked about Wisconsin’s dairy market. Thank you to Kian for supplying the ice cream cups

Mariocart v2

While it took four different cups to win first place, I finally did it! It was a great way to destress from chem homework. Zach, Alex, Everett, and Cole all are way too good at this game. 

Late Night Commander

Everett and I played against several residents of 4W in the Commander format. We ended up winning both a game

Pizza and Movie Date

The guys went to the west lawn for free pizza and movie(Gaurdians of the Galaxy 2), but came back because the line was too long… so we had our own movie and pizza hangout. Thank you to Will for the movie, Everett and Zach for the pizza

Backyard Bash

With easily 16+ residents attending, 4E dominated the volleyball courts. Some notable rising stars include Tom, David, Zach, and Cole from our wing

More Pool training

With all this free time before classes, pool has become a go to event for 4E, and Tyler who lives on 3W

Ultimate Frisbee

Hunter, Evan, Zach, Justin, myself and a couple more people ended up playing UF down in the rugby fields. My team lost 5-7

Dance Dance

UW-P held an electric music concert, the rubber ball drop. 1500 balls were dropped from a fire truck 6 stories up. It was good night for meeting new people 

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