Morrow Hall 4 East

Don't Let Your Dreams Be Dreams

An Upgrade

After helping Will with his deck, he commenced to kicking butt and taking names. The David got an upgrade too!


New episode of rick and Morty

A new episode comes out at 10:30 every Sunday and the guys gather to watch it.

According to an accordian

Not an instrument one typically sees at college, the wing and I talked about cultural heritage and the origin of the accordion.

Commander and keywords

Magic the gathering has a very high learning curve due to the high number of keywords. We talk the new players some of the more advantageous keyword combos to help their commander decks become more powerful

Wing dinner

Thank you to max for cooking the healthy Caribbean jerk chicken. This dish is spicy, lean, and very tasty

Dinner with Tom

It was a good time, Bridgeway as always. Just as a side note Nobody should have to eat alone, everyone is welcome to join me at lunch

Pokken Tournament

In a weird mortal kombat meets Pok√©mon, this game is great for introducing people to fighting video games 

Dinner future theory

This is a concept where at dinner, we talked about the relevancy of the classes taken to the practical use in the workplace


If you thought college was a time to revert to a child again, you are correct. You could say it’s a rip roaring good time

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