My nomination for December of 2016 would be a great resident of mine, Skyler Laliberte. In general, Skyler is always one to have a smile on his face whenever you are around on the wing. He is a genuinely kind person that everyone gets to know and love on 4 East, Morrow Hall. Skyler never has anything bad to say but more or less always something to say that lightens the mood with everyone. Lately, Skyler has been initiating several event ideas for myself to conduct for the wing. Granted I do not have much time to implement them but they will be put into effect next semester. Nevertheless, Skyler has given me these ideas for the best interest of the wing. He cares about his home away from home and all of the wing mates that he shares it with. Skyler has been a pleasure to have as a resident and I am more than happy to have him again for next semester because I know he will give more great ideas to help the wing grow.