I believe that John has been a great asset to this wing of 4 East in many ways without knowing it. Here is exactly what I wrote about him in last months OTM nominations.

“John Pape has been an outstanding member of my wing of 4 East in Morrow Hall. He not only has a character that brightens everyone’s day but an ongoing list of conversation starters that never seize but to bring a curiosity to my residents and myself (not in a terrible way either). I believe John is worthy of this award with one primary reason in mind. Throughout the proceeding weeks of Homecoming and Morrow Works Week my appearance had been a little less than average on my wing. Much stress was put on myself and I believe it may have been inadvertently displayed on my wing moral as well. John did one of two things that not only made me very appreciative towards him. One, he not only made myself feel as if I was appreciated but he also made regular trips to almost every room and talked to each resident. This made me very happy to know that someone wanted to pick everyone’s spirits up, even though he may not have meant it on purpose. John has been a breath of fresh air on 4 East Morrow and I’m proud to say that he is my resident.”

Any of the 4 East residents have a chance to get nominated for an OTM award and if I notice outstanding achievement on the wing I’ll definitely take note of it.