Morrow Hall 4 East

Don't Let Your Dreams Be Dreams

Lunch at Markee

Although it is always packed at lunchtime, zach and I were able to find a table


Weird weather discussion

At The end of the week, there will s supposedly going to be snow. However it was a pleasant day outside today. With the whacky weather, we talked about the possibility of global warming

Cops and Robbers: Mariocart

A fun game mode that we have not played before, we tried it out and it was a blast

The benefit of form over Gwam

While eating at gwam, we talked about how much good form can impact the total weight lifted

Wing Ping Pong

Although I am not very good, it was nice to have the wing come together and play

Chest Day

Working hard on maintains our body in the best shape

Catching up after break

It was nice to see all the smiles and discussion of the spring break

Burgers and Mac


It’s become a staple of the 4E life

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