Morrow Hall 4 East

Don't Let Your Dreams Be Dreams

End of the Semester Cookout

Thanks to everyone who showed up to the end of the year cookout. This was a very fun night for everyone and I’m glad to have had such a great wing such as yourselves. I hope next year goes well for all of you and don’t be strangers.

Lie to Me

Lie to Me is an original television show that featured a new fresh idea into the viewing world and that was how to tell if someone is lying to you. This is transferred through micro-expressions. This is titled that way because these are expressions that are fractions of a second that show peoples true emotion before they start lying. This informational board is going to be featured in the study room since it is coming close to finals week and most will at least stop on by and visit a quite area or two for your studying. I hope you enjoy.

Relaxation Event

To wind down from a very stressful last week of school, on Thursday 4 East had a special screening of a movie suggestion for many months, The Master of Disguise. This event was very beneficial for most because it helped us laugh and come together as a wing. I hope that everyone who attended had a great time and I wish you luck on your finals.

Film Screening

Thank you to so many people for making this event possible. First off professors Mary Rose, Robert Snyder, Steve Yunck, Hao Chen, and Gohar Siddiqui for coming and talking about media and film theory and talking to residents specifically about everyday life. Next, thank you to Dylan, Colten, Skyler, Dylan, Jackson, and Garrett for coming and not only supporting me but also getting more immersed into knowing faculty members throughout different departments of UW-Platteville.



HIT Cookout

If you have not heard as of yet, the HIT cookout has been postponed to Saturday from 1-3 PM. There will be free food and lots of activities for all to do. I hope that you can make it out and take a break from studying hard for finals.



May the 4th Door Decs

I hope everyone enjoyed their may the 4th door decorations. I figured with such a great day they should be incorporated with light sabers. As usual if anyone wants a preferred name put on theirs instead I have many extras that can be made.

Hugunin’s Kooky Carnival

Thanks to Josh, Vince, Skyler, and Jackson for coming to the Kooky Carnival on Saturday. This was packed full of physical activities for all different skill sets which made it pretty challenging. The free food was great and the weather could not have been nicer.

Relay for Life

Last Saturday at 2:30 AM, Garrett, Kody, and Myself went to relay for life and walked until 5:30 in the morning. We represented Morrow Hall and accompanied many other organizations and clubs from on campus who were walking for a cause. Donations were gathered to help people who had experience with cancer or for families who have a member who suffers with cancer.

Call of Duty Tournament

This past friday featured a Call of Duty Gun Game tournament for those who were interested around Morrow. Overall, there was a great attendance and lots of laughs from some minor difficulties with the consoles. For another event like this just let me or Jake from 1 West know and we will be more than happy to put it on again!

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