Morrow Hall 4 East

Don't Let Your Dreams Be Dreams

Help with Chem

Being a chem major does have its benefits, I can help people on the win with their chem for engineers hw 


Bridgeway meal

If anyone wants to go out to eat, I’d gladly go! 

1v.1 Edh

Not typically how the format is played, but it has more of a competitive aspect to it. The goal is to combo out as fast as possible 


A simple frisbee game in which one person tosses the frisbee to the crowd while declaring a score. First to five hundred becomes the thrower

Sorting magic cards

Alex ended up bringing his cards back,  new and experienced players alike looked through his collection, pointing out what made cards good and different synergies

Apples to Apples

Such a classic here at college, 4E participated in many chuckles with this fun card game

Wall Ball

From the UW-P ball drop, 4E tested the efficiency of the rubber ball’s ability to conserve energy

Packer Game

At half time, the Seahawks were up by three points. Thank god that the packers won. Zach, Hunter, Justin, and couple more of us watched it

Destiny 2, Minecraft, and TheHunter;COTW

With destiny coming out, several of they guys came together to game together, amongst other games. David and I played Minecraft until it crashed

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