Morrow Hall 4 East

Don't Let Your Dreams Be Dreams


If you thought college was a time to revert to a child again, you are correct. You could say it’s a rip roaring good time


Gwam dinner

The burgers can be salty, but the conversations are great

The meaning of friends

It’s a good time to hear how others on the wing positively impacted each other. There’s an appreciation for the close friendships that have been made

Brunch with Tom

It’s always a good time to go to Bridgeway and Tom joined me on this particular trip

Late night talk round 2

Words have the power of you give them it. We talked about use of language and offensive terms, and alternatives for when we meet adversity 

Late night Modern

Pulling out the competitive decks, it was a night for the experienced to play with their best decks

Booster pack sorting

With another stop at Bob’s Dugout, Will pulled a foiled mana confluence!

Late night talks

Not everyone was dealt the same hand at birth and that is why we have diversity. This was the main point of the hour long conversation 

Improvising Sport

Quest was using the cave, so we ingeniously set up the pool table as a pong court, by having pool quest for the net. It was an interesting way to play pong

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