Morrow Hall 4 East

Don't Let Your Dreams Be Dreams

Under the Sea

This bulletin board is all about different aquatic life you could run into under the sea!



With 8player support, everyone is able to play a round or two of Gangbeasts 

Impacts of farming

Not everyone thinks about where there food comes from but Chris was able to tell us about pig farming. There is a great amount of waste produced that affects the earths soil quality and air. He put it into perspective when talking about the gas used to keep the machinery going

Arkham Horror

This game is a strategic card game in which investagors must solve the mystery before things get exponentially harder. Each player selects a starting player and builds a deck around their attributes. I sat out the first round, which we lost as there was not a character who could evade well. The second round, we won because we had a well rounded team who could cover each other’s weaknesses

Spike ball

With the weather being briefly nice, it was a great time to go and play some spike ball with the wing

The real. Benefits of chocolate milk

While many athletes will say chocolate milk is good for recovery, a chemistry major will tell you why it is beneficial to drink chocolate milk. Also there are other fun facts like how lactose is a sugar comprised of two simpler sugars glucose and galactose. People who end up being lactose intolerant cannot produce the enzyme lactase, which breaks down the sugar

Purpose of having ethnic and gender studies

Have you ever wondered why It’s a requirement before graduation to have to take one of these classes? My wing and went over the benefits of diversity, thinking with a bigger picture in mind, and how employers look for people who can work well in diverse settings

Where the plastic forks go

While enjoying gwam food, the conversation about where the forks end up ensued. With a majority of ending up in landfills, we googled what kind of plastics can be recycled, which is now all the way up through #7, depending on where you live.

Job potential earnings

Not every job is the same, especially with its salary. We talked about different outcomes from getting a degree in a respective field and compared the value of different majors

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