Morrow Hall 4 East

Don't Let Your Dreams Be Dreams

Happy birthday Zach

Another year older, and another crinkly one dollar bill obtained. It was a nice gathering with friends to celebrate his 20th birthday



Cards is a popular way on this wing to pass the time. More people on the wing have learned how to play too, so approximately 1/3 the wing knows how to play euchre

Tell like Hell

A great opportunity to show School spirit at the soccer game, it was also a great way to burn energy by cheering 

Wing family

Often, the wing goes to dinner together, when it’s gwam, it takes 5 min to cook burgers, 6 min for the chicken, and 3 min for the French fries… so what takes them so long to make the meal?

United we Stand

The Peterson Farm Bros were at platteville talking about their experiences with making farming parodies to educate the populace. It showed a different take on life than what most may have lived

Homecoming Volleyball

Although we were eliminated from the tourney, we won the first 10 points every match…

Gwaming it up

Did you know Will was a crazy fast 400m sprinter or Alex could run a sub 15 minute 5k? The topic of dinner was athletic ability

Wing camp out

It started as helping with Chemistry in the hallway and then the wing decided that they were going to help too!

Safety in the halls

Thankful for the faculty on this campus as we were able to have a retired officer and criminalistics professor talk to us about different scenarios like active shooter and other crisis 

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